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We are an off-grid, solar-powered, farmhouse brewery with two outdoor taprooms and an on-site food truck. We brew cellar-fermented, naturally-carbonated beers that change with the seasons. Our beer can be enjoyed at The Tree Bar in May through October, and The Greenhouse Bar in October-April. Both venues offer an escape from the ordinary, where you can enjoy the outdoors with your family, and grab some delicious food from The Truck.

Big Thorn beer is fermented in our underground cellar, allowing for seasonal temperature fluctuations that add complexity and interest to the beer-making process. Additionally, many of our beers spend time aging on logs harvested from our woods. We use mulberry, oak, hickory, cherry, autumn olive, and sassafras trees in our beer-making process. After log-aging, our beer is naturally carbonated at the time of kegging/bottling. After about three weeks in the cellar, the beer is ready to be enjoyed or aged for quite some time.

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