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Truck Feature 4/19 -4/21

(available until we run out)


Mahi Black Bean Wrap

grilled mahi mahi - house black beans

sweet and spicy pickled onion - fresh veggies

lime crema - feta cheese - cilantro - on toasted naan bread
- served with kettle chips -



The Greenhouse Bar Menu (3).jpg
The Truck at Big Thorn Farm and Brewery.jpg
Mother's Day Brunch 2023 (1).jpg
Father's Day Brunch 2022 copy 2 (1).jpg
The Pavilion at Big Thorn Farm & Brewery
The Tree Bar at Big Thorn Farm & Brewery
The Greenhouse Bar at Big Thorn Farm & Brewery
Big Thorn Farm & Brewery


Adam P.

I feel like I've already given ya'll rave reviews, but I gotta say again, this brewery is the best in Illinois, perhaps any one I've ever been to. I've visited over 100 in the country at this point, and this place has it all. The location, the view, FOREST BAR!

Brian G.

What a beautiful place and super nice people. And the beer is awesome!

Peter B.

We always feel so welcome when we bring our family and we love the atmosphere!

Greg W.

Great food and exceptional beer by people who care about all facets of their endeavor! The Iliana area is fortunate to have this spot!

Kim H.

Unique beer tasting experience, can't recommend it enough. Great beer, conversation, and atmosphere like no other. Check it out for yourself!!

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